Birthday Party
British citizen Rebecca (14) mistakenly placed her address and phone number on her Facebook profile while inviting friends to her birthday party, after which even 21,000 users had promised to come, the Daily Mail wrote.


Rebecca planned to invite only 15 friends to her 15th birthday, but only a few hours after a party call via Facebook Events page, all went off control and at some point 21,000 users confirmed their arrival.
The teenager forced the British police into dramatic operation, because of the concern that thousands of guests would come to her apartment in Harpenden. The police reinforced patrols at Rebecca street because it feared a crowd would come and cause chaos.
“We are informed of everything and we have been convinced that the celebration will not be held. We will have patrols in that area to act as needed,” the police said.
Rebecca’s mother canceled a party scheduled for October 7 through Facebook to remove the page on which her daughter announced the birthday party, but other users continued to inform about it and went so far that they even shared Rebecca’s picture over the web.
Crazy birthday party
The fake profiles of celebrities like: the teenage star Justin Bieber, scientist Steven Hawking, singer Suzanne Boyle, Stevie Wonder and Rick Estley were also invited to the list, and smoe guy posted a message on her Facebook Event page:
“Her party will enter history.”
“After this, I will be happy if I get a birthday card from me,” said Rebecca’s mother.
This incident raised the complication of privacy settings on Facebook.
“They should point out that invitations to the event do not only go to your friends but everyone on Facebook,” a social worker told The Daily Telegraph.
Representatives of “Facebook” have not yet commented on the incident.
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