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Not only have we been thinking about the birthday wish that we will send them for a birthday, but often we wait for the midnight to be the first to send a message for happy birthday to our friends. Sometimes these messages do not have to be emotional, but we decide to send something funny and interesting to our friends, so we can pull  a smile on their face.

For all of you who are not very familiar with the words, and you are willing to process a friend or a friend with some good birthday wish by congratulations, here are some nice, birthday messages for your friends.


Of billions of great stars, let the most beautiful ones shine and stay forever above your roof … Happy birthday

Let my kiss touch you through these little letters, let the new ones fill you with joy, let all the happiness of the world shine … Happy birthday to you!

Be happy every minute , let your every wish was fulfilled, wherever you go, some luck is following you, I can not give you more beautiful wishes !!!! Happy birthday, baby.

Let all your birthday wishes come true! Happy birthday my dear best friend!

I want to luck walk with you, to have love stronger than stone,  to people love and value you, and that you never know what problem is! Happy Birthday

If you have health and happiness, to achieve the desires of both the smaller and the greater, to radiate the serenity, and throw away the grief, the line of life you have a debt, your dreams come true on your face, that you have beautiful thoughts in your mind, that your life be as the most beautiful dream, I wish you a happy birthday!

Let your heart, wallet and bed never be empty …

How much earth around the sun is moving so much you want success and happiness.

All the ugly things that are written in your book of life are being erased from today. And all the good things that you are dreaming of, this year is happening to you! All the best for your birthday.

For the birthday I want you peace because it starts with it, LOVE because it gives meaning to the imperfect world, FRIENDSHIP because it stays when there is nothing else, TOLERANCE, because we are not all the same, laughter because it cures diseases, little things because they are hiding the GIRLS and dreams because they can be realized !

Flutter Angels like birds, they touch the smile of your face, let me bring you a message on my wings white that I wish you all the best for your birthday!

Let the music play and your heart be full of peace. Let the stars shine with a lot of happiness and some desire will be bigger. Happy Friends Birthday Meme.

The first is my desire, let your life be full of joy, the other is a little bigger that always happiness is accompanying you, and another one from your heart can always keep you dear God !!!! I wish you all the best for your birthday.

I only want this: a spoon of strength, a pot of joy, a kettle of success, a pair of ponds, a sea of ​​happiness, an ocean of health and the whole universe of love! Happy Birthday. Kiss.

In the body of health, in the soul peace, in thought joy, and in work success. Happy Birthday bro.

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