Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

1. Every year on this day your parents curse the stork that brought you. Happy B-day!! 🙂

2. For your birthday I wish you PEACE because everything it starts with it, LOVE because it gives meaning to the imperfect world, FRIENDSHIP because it remains when there is nothing else, TOLERANCE, because we are not all the same, LAUGH because it cures diseases, LITTLE THINGS ‘cause they hide happiness and DREAMS because they can be realized! Happy Birthday!

3. Don’t think you are special today because it’s your birthday! YOU ARE SPECIAL EVERY DAY. Happy B-Day!

4. Laugh while you have all your teeth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

5. Your birthday horoscope: JOB: The stars are smiling. FAMILY: The stars are smiling. LOVE: The stars are smiling. SEX: Stars are dying with laughter. Happy Birthday!

6. You are my best friend. When you drink I drink. When you cry I cry. When you laugh I laugh. When you jump from the balcony, I laugh again. Happy B-Day!

7. Life is a road to run with a friend who will sometimes show us, as a matter of silence or memory, that we value as much as we know how to love. Happy Birthday!

8. Sometimes I wish life without end, full of your kisses and embrace … And so sometimes I quietly pray to God that we live forever – that I can love you forever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

9. I do not want you to fulfill all your wishes because you would not have anything to want. I do not want your dreams to be fulfilled because you will not have anything to dream about. I want you to fulfill only the most beautiful wish and the best dream! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

10. It’s hard when you love someone who is far away, whose love you can not feel, whose lips you can not touch, when you love that person, and no matter what, you can not go without it … Happy birthday to you.

11. If the notion of happiness is not an illusion, and if a person can not be happy, then I want you to be as beautiful every day as a dream, as a joy, as love.. Happy B-Day!

12. To fall in love, but happy, that your love lasts forever, to forget everything that hurt you, wishes from someone who sincerely loves you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

13. I want you to spend this and your next birthday in the embrace of a loved one and I will not be very angry if that person is not me, because your happiness is the most important thing. Happy birthday!

14. On the day of your birth, a new life of love was born for me, the most beautiful day that all the flowers of the spring blossomed and brought joy to my heart. Happy birthday to you!!!

15. On this day, angel was born. I’m sending you message, but she’s short to tell you everything I want: be always smiling and sweet and never feel loneliness! Happy B-Day to you!

16. I want the oceans of health, seas of happiness and love, a lake of success, a river of money, and no drop of sorrow and pain. Happy Birthday!

17. Live, scream, shatter and dance, because man was born to lose and sin. Go on, give it a break, for one day it will not be possible … .. Happy birthday!

18. For all that you’ve been trought with me over the past few years gives you the right to participate in Ginis’s book of record in the category for the best friend of all time. Happy Birthday!

19. Some days are longer than other days, some time is better than another time, some dreams are better than others, and my most beautiful dream is just reading this message! Happy Birthday love!

20. The moment is enough to meet, the moment is enough to please, but eternity is needed to forget what that moment has managed to create! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

21. I have only two important things in my life – your heart and you! Heart for you and you only for myself – I love you !!!! Happy Birthday.

22. Don’t love me much. Love me little but forever. Happy Birthday!

23. There was an alarm in paradise. They found that they lack an angel. Please call them and tell them you’re safe, with me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

24. That on this day you forget all the bad moments from the past and prepare for the most beautiful who are waiting for you in the future! With me by your side … Happy birthday.

25. Fulfill years with life, not life with years. Do what you want and save what you like !! Happy Birthday to You!

26. I love you when you laugh, I love you when you walk, I love you when you talk, I love you when you sit, I love you when you sing, I love you when you dream, I love you when you’re silent … I love you more than you do! Happy Birthday!!!

27. You may be one person for the entire world. But for one person – you are the entire world. Happy birthday, my love!

28. One day the sky cried. They asked him, “Why are you crying?” He told them: “I lost my most beautiful star.” It was the day you were born. Happy Birthday love!

29. There are moments in my life when I miss you, when I miss you so much that I want to get you out of my mind and hug in reality … This is the moment. Happy Birthday my love!

30. You are young only once, but nobody forbides you to feel like that all your life! Happy B-Day love!

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