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We send out love messages from time to time to a loved one, but when a boy or girl approaches a birthday, then we need to carefully choose the words to congratulate them on a wonderful day.

And if is a birthday to a wife or a wife with whom you have been married for many years, do not leave yourself to be a static. Find some romantic verses to make your husband or wife aware that your love is still as great as the first day of your life together.

A birthday message must not be sent only by sms, Facebook or Instagram. It’s best to make or buy a nice greeting card and write a love message for her or him. A birthday message can now easily be printed on T-shirts, cups, pillows, plush toys … So your gift will be original and prettier.

But the problem is always what to write. Perhaps some of the messages can serve you in order to congratulate your birthday to a loved one.


Romantic messages for a husband, a wife, boyfirend or a girlfirend …


  1. I will not love you forever, not be angry, nor life is eternal. I will love you a small part of eternity that lasts all your life! Happy Birthday.

2. Some days are longer than other days, some time is better than another time, some dreams are more beautiful than others, and my most beautiful dream is just reading this message! Happy Birthday.

3. My love, let’s have a happy birthday !!!

4. A moment is enough to meet, the moment is enough to please, but eternity is needed to forget what that moment was able to create! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

5. I have only two important things in my life – your heart and you! Heart for you and you only for yourself – I love you !!!! Happy Birthday.

6. He is so fond of being so, so it’s nice in your arms to wake up. Thank you for being beautiful, I am forever your only destiny. Happy Birthday.

7. There was an alarm in paradise. They found that they lack an angel. Please call them and tell them you’re safe, with me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

8. To forget all the bad moments of the past on this day and prepare yourself for those who are waiting for you in the future! With me beside me … Happy birthday my love !

9. Let your smile on your face be an obstacle to every evil; love in your heart will burn you forever to meet all your desires and dreams; someone wants you who sincerely loves you: Happy Birthday!

Wish your loved one a happy, beautiful day

10. Let each hour, every minute and every second in your life be filled with love, joy, and happiness. Smiling to fall asleep, with a smile to wake up and in the best mood you spend this day. Happy Birthday!

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11. And if he is a birthday to a wife or a wife with whom you have been married for many years, do not leave yourself to be a static. Find some romantic verses to make your husband or wife aware that your love is still as great as the first day of your life together.

12. I love you when you laugh, I love you when you walk, I love you when you talk, I love you when you sit, I love you when you sing, I love you when you dream, I love you when you’re silent … I love you more than you do! Happy Birthday.

13. No … this is not a message, it just gave me the thought of you, ran away to make me feel like I’m THINKING … GIRLS BIRTHDAY!

14. You may be one person for the entire world. But for one person – you are the whole world. Happy birthday my love.

15. Do not forget that you always think of you who love you both in the house and in the city and at school, and especially on this day … Happy birthday to you!

16. Receive this message from a person who is romantic, somewhat practical, for a fantastic love, which once forgotten about yourself, but ALWAYS THINK TO YOU! Happy Birthday.

17. One day the sky cried. They asked him, “Why are you crying?” She told me: “I lost my most beautiful star.” It was the day you were born. Happy Birthday love.

18. This is a sweet message written in cute letters at a sweet moment of a sweet day with a sweet intent and it can only get a cute sweet person like you! Happy Birthday.

19. Look at the stars, they will tell you everything, they lead you to your happiness, when you have luck, everything is easy, and I want you to be so! Happy Birthday.

20. You are my greatest love, the love that radiates and shines like the sun, the love that flies from one end to the other, and finally comes to your and my heart. I love you, happy birthday …

21. I’m looking for adequate words that can at least briefly show what I feel about you. Of course, no one has invented them yet. It does not matter, you know that you read my thoughts. Happy birthday, darling.

22. Happy Birthday! It’s great to have you close by.

Love messages for a birthday can be humorous or romantic

23. There are moments in my life when I miss you, when I miss you so much that I want to get you out of my mind and hug in reality … This is the moment. Love, happy birthday my love !

24. My love I love you the most in the world and I send you my heart for the birthday party in the package!

25. It’s nice to know that you exist in my life … It does not matter why, or how long … It’s nice to open your eyes and just know you’re there … GIRL BIRTHDAY!

26. How many needles have pine, how many windows have the court, how many stars in heaven do I love you so much. Happy birthday, dump!

27. Hey, you’re on the other side of the screen! I have something important to say to you, watch well, I do not know I’m lying, I have one thought honest and beautiful: I LOVE THIS TOP IN THE WORLD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!

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