Happy Birthday Brother
Best wishes about borthers birthday
Brothers may not be as gentle as sisters, but they will definitely be pleased with the little sign of attention you give them. Whether it is a message from a sister, a younger or older brother, she can be emotional, crazy, funny…
Treat your brother with an interesting birthday card, which will remain in his memory many years later. Because the brother is a gift from God, a promise that someone will always be there to look after you and help you when it is most needed.

Funny messages for a younger or older brother. Messages from the sister.

  1. Thank you for suffering and watching me, and sometimes you “let me go” to get you out. Happy birthday bro.
  2. Do you want to buy a gift or get a hundred euros ?! Happy birthday!!!!!!
  3. I think that I am the one who should celebrate this date, because on this day I have been born the person I love most in the world and that has made my life better. Happy Birthday.
  4. I know you love me and I love you, but still admit that you love me more than I love you! Happy Birthday.
  5. In the warmth of the sun, the greatest shine, your happiness will not end. Happiness and Happiness, Have Your Day Completed, With Your Precious Desires, GIRLS birthday!
  6. Today is a special day, it’s my birthday.
  7. Laugh while you still have all your teeth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY…
  8. Imagine all the things you would like to happen to you and pretend that I wanted them. Happy cousin!
  9. Happy birthday. You’re only young once, but nobody defends you feeling like that all your life.
  10. I do not need some great words, I just want to congratulate you and wish you the most beautiful, most beautiful and happiest life, and if not everything is so you can always rely on your own tree.
  11. All the joy your heart can bear, all the smiles that can be brought to you today, all the blessings that life can give you. I wish you a happy birthday!
  12. I wear a bouquet of flowers today because my birthday is celebrating my happiness. I do not have any love for the gift, so I want the most beautiful dreams. Happy birthday…
  13. Thank you for suffering me all these years and looking at me when I’m doing ludorie. Happy Birthday.
  14. What you have lived with me alone over the course of these years has given you the right to participate in the Ginis’s record book in the category for the best brother of all time. Happy Birthday!
  15. If you dress in the latest fashion, that whiskey always does, you wince in the jacuzzi water, you look like a bilder and stab a lotou lot of a week. Happy Birthday!
  16. Happy birthday to my beloved brother. When you drink, I drink, when you cry I cry, when you laugh, I laugh, when you fall, I’m still laughing.
  17. I want you red in my wallet, blue in front of my eyes, white in my belly, yellow in the sky, green under my feet …. Of course I mean thousands, sea, wine, sun and grass .. Happy birthday.
  18. Laugh as long as you have all your teeth … but it would be worthwhile after your birthday to go to the dentist as soon as you can not stop laughing at the age of thirty. Happy Birthday….
  19. For your birthday, I want you to have millions, and share them with my brother. All the best…

  20. Do not think that you are special because today you are eighteen. You’re special every day. Happy Birthday…
  21. Happy birthday. I hope that you will not distort a lot of car driving, access to adult sites, gambling and betting, and other benefits of adulthood, which I know you have used up to now, just a scam.
  22. Happy Eighteenth Birthday. If you had a dog for 126 years. Hahaha, how are you …
  23. Watch what you’re doing, from now on you can go to jail. All the best.
  24. Four signs that you’ve grown up: oblivion …. I can not remember the others. Happy Birthday to You…
  25. I congratulate you for eighteen years. That means now you can do everything you want. It also means that you can also jail so that… :)))
  26. We wish you all the best for your eighth birthday. Also, Dad and Mom inform you that from tomorrow you will pay your fees.
  27. Happy birthday! I want you to make it easier and as soon as you enter the college, so that I finally get the whole room for myself.



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